Ultra Supreme Collection- Niche Perfume Series

Ultra Supreme Collection- Niche Perfume Series


At FridayCharm we are constantly looking for perfection in everything we do and when it comes to our products and services we make sure we give our customers an experience beyond their imagination. We possess a supreme collection of attars and perfumes especially delivered to you after letting you choose from a varied options. We want our customers to always feel that they are given more than what they have expected not only in terms of products but services too. And that is why this series of Niche Perfume so that it becomes helpful for you to choose. We have always got your back when it comes to choosing a perfume because we know it's not an easy task. Hence we’ve got you our Ultra Supreme Niche Collection to choose from and here they are -


1. Roja Amber Oud Parfum (Buy Now)

Roja Amber Oud Parfum One of the most amazing products which is supremely of the most high quality as well as loved by the customers. It is the top-pick for customers who believe in the purity of fragrance and the aura of perfumes. It's a real combination of sweet, spicy and sour, just the way you want it to be. The notes of the perfumes that include oakwass, lemon, sandalwood, cinnamon, ylang ylang, rose and jasmine makes it quite extraordinary and nothing less than something that goes with every outfit in your wardrobe. Just as you trust us, we have faith in this brand of the most niche perfumes to provide with the best of all its kinds.



 2. Alhambra Oud - Ramon Monegal (Buy Now)

Alhambra Oud - Ramon Monegal Supremely classic and a true marvel when it comes to its perfection. The white florals is something that will leave you speechless and the longevity that this perfume assures make it the best perfume to choose from a wide variety. The incandescent power of this perfume makes us feel the essence of this powdery fragrance all the time. All the way from Spain, the ingredients that make this perfume fruity, leathery and smoky are rose, jasmine, apple, orange blossom and birch. These not only add essence to the perfume but also give you a blossoming smell all the time.



 3. Ormonde Jayne Blak Gold (Buy Now)

Ormonde Jayne Blak Gold It is an oriental perfume that is available for both, men and women. Launched in 2014 by Linda Pilkington who believes that black gold is reflection of the best of the best perfume that denotes elegance and supremacy. The reason being the content in the perfume that is vanilla, mosk, muss, cedar, ambrette, oudh, and patchouli which is earthy, leathery and quite amazing. It is a velvety, soft, rich, profound masterpiece of sultry refined and cultivated nuances that is truly a gift for you. Its indelible impression will tempt you to try its taste once and surely never forget it.



 4. Creed Silver Mountain (Buy Now)

Creed Silver Mountain Water One can say that if you’re finding a perfect 10/10 perfume, then your answer must be Creed Silver Mountain Water. As the name suggests, the white bottle resembles a snow-capped mountain of the Swiss Alps filled with an aroma that will leave you craving for more. The glistening silver stream with a blend of musk, and a blast of citrusy mandarin, combining all of which makes a beautiful symphony. Along with that the base is composed of galbanum, musk, sandalwood, thus giving it a metallic vibe.The black currant, bergamot, and green tea gives a sparkly shiny watery texture making it much more delicate, airy, clean and sophisticated.



 5. Ds Durga - The Tuberose Tiger Brooklyn (Buy Now)

Ds Durga - The Tuberose Tiger Brooklyn based niche perfume makers give you a scent you have ultimately desired for. The finest, fruity, with white floral along with tuberose that adds up to the magic is what you will love in this. Durga has these amazing fragrances but when we talk about Tuberose Tiger it is like a wild beast, untamed with its finest floral substances such as orris butter, sambac jasmine, and uncompromising abundance of goodness. The scent is very evocative and will leave a charm everywhere you go. It is overwhelmingly so good that once you try it, you won’t stop using it. It is unfathomably the best you can conquer!



 6. Acqua Di Parma Colonia (Buy Now)

Acqua Di Parma Colonia We would call this perfume a perfect combination or rather a blend of aromatic, citrus, fresh and spicy cologne that will give you an unimaginable charisma. It is to add more confidence to your attire and personality by allowing you to feel the lightness and freshness of it. Made of 10% scented oil along with ingredients such as bulgarian rose, english lavender, oakmoss, sandalwood, cedarwood, patchouli, and vetiver It is an iconic fragrance with a tinch of Italian taste that is enough to leave people breathless once you apply it. .


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