Top fragrances for women that still exists and are doing wonders

Top fragrances for women that still exists and are doing wonders!!

 Wearing a perfume is equally important as doing other things that a woman does when getting dressed. These days, wearing a perfect scent is very important and something that should match your style and adds up to your overall look, after all, it's all about women. To break the idea that women only prefers fruity or floral scents, we’ve got you a list of perfumes that are superbly amazing and smell so good that'll surely make you fall in love with them. Starting with we have -

Daisy Eau de Toilette By Marc Jacobs- A sparkly floral-woody, floral and elegant fragrance that defines the true beauty of Marc Jobs and obviously women. Captured in lovely glass bottle, decorated with daisy flowers, it has the perfect combination of velvety jasmines and sensual sandalwood. Also considered to be sophisticated, and dazzling it is irresistibly feminine perfume that needs to be added to your closet. We will tell you, do not hesitate to buy this one.

Black Opium Eau de Parfum - Yves Saint Laurent An addictive smell that resembles a mix of the floral gourmand fragrances along with having some wines taste. It is a beauty-winning scent that is not only sexy but warm ups any seduction factor. It has an intoxicating scent of rich black coffee and is great for any young and modern women. A lovely perfume that truly describes the elegance of perfumes.

Wonderlust - Michael Kors - A blend of luxurious blossoms mingled with delectably spices charts a course to far-off destinations, instantly transporting you with each ingredient. It has magic and evokes a lust for life, spontaneity, and sensuality. Considered to be an oriental gourmand fragrance that captures three scents with an infinite desire for discovery. In fact, the ongoing trending perfume, is nothing but Wonderlust.

La Vie est Belle Eau De Parfum - Lancôme - Incarnated by a beautiful soul that has a craze, charm and beauty, none other than Julia Roberts. It has a joyful femininity that makes life better than ever. Luxury, french, feminine, elegance, charm, and romantic are the terms that describe the perfume, better. It entwined the elegance of iris with strength of patchouli and sweetness of praline. It is one of the most exceptionally well-made perfumes by actresses. ● Light Blue Sun Eau de Toilette - Dolce & Gabbana It is perfume that is more like its actually been kissed by the sun and made for you. Floral, fruity fragrance along with a touch of woody scent that is fresh, light smell with a hint of citrus. It is in fact intense when compared to other perfumes offered by this brand.
And also, it is so light that it makes it very much wearable on any occasion. That Fruity & Woody aroma will make you want to try this at least once.

Wood Sage & Sea Salt Cologne - Jo Malone It is a pleasant scent that is all nice, fresh and unisex that makes it quite different from others. A cologne that every woman should definitely wear, especially during summer/spring. Be swept away with something that enlivens the senses like a walk along the coast. It has a spirited, joyful fragrance that features notes of ambrette, sea salt and sage. Try it for it will go with anything you wear. 

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