Top Attar's and Top Perfumes from the Middle East

Top Attar & Top Perfumes from the Middle East

The Middle East, beautiful land in the oasis of the desert. The fragrance from that part of the world is not only aromatic but also helpful in healing. In the olden days, it was said Attar's were used by healers from Middle east to treat patients. Attar's and Middle Eastern Perfumes were not only used for style statement but also used as an aphrodisiac, calming agent, cures headache and body ache, and makes you feel relaxed.

‘Attar’ is an Arabic word, and it means scent. The practice of extracting scent from flowers, herbs, and spices began in the Middle East. The oil is extracted from the flowers, herbs or spices and infused with the scent and would retain it after the plants or flowers were removed. Pure attar's don’t have an expiry date and many of them smell better as they age with time. Attar's have always been a luxury and in ancient times were used in offerings to the gods.

Here is the top Fragrance from the Middle East to try out this 2020:

  • Arabian Oud Woody Eau De Perfume - 100ml: (Buy Now)

Arabian Oud Woody is an Oriental Woody fragrance for women and men for daily wear. The fragrance represents the epitome of self-confidence and outgoing nature of the user. It comprises Wood, Rose and an evolving scent of many fascinating herbal, floral, heavy, light, and exotic notes. It morphs into a more complex fragrance over the day. Best for daily usage.

  • Swiss Arabian Dehn El Oud Mubarak Attar - 6ml (Buy Now)

Swiss Arabian Dehn El Oud Mubarak is joyful, energetic and stimulating, Mubarak awakens a mood of celebration. This fragrance is for the bold, energetic personality. It is to be worn on special occasions like parties, anniversary, social gatherings or festivals. It is a mixture of rich extracts of agarwood from Cambodia and Indonesia. It is a warm, woody bouquet that uplifts your soul and opens your heart to a feeling of pure happiness in the air. Best for Party or Occasional usage.

  • Al Haramain Najm Gold Attar - 18 ml (Buy Now)

Al Haramain Najim Gold Attar is one of the best Attar in the world. Najm Gold means the star which brightens the sky on a moonless night, the cool breeze on a summer night. Your very thought lights up my life With every whiff of Najm Gold you feel closer to my heart. Fragrance Notes consist of Bergamot, Aromatic, Coconut, Vanilla, Vanilla, Sandalwood And Musk. It can be worn for evening occasions.

  • Rasasi La Yuqawam Eau De Perfume For Men - 75ml (Buy Now)

The unique fragrance for men Rasasi La Yuqawam will charm you with its simpleness and elegance. La Yuqawam means “alluring” in Arabic and it is true for this perfume!. It is very attractive and charismatic in fragrance. La Yuqawam perfume is very elegant and sensual. Its enchanting aroma perfectly reflects real luxury and charm. It adds to your sex appeal. It can be worn for parties and dates for evening occasions. 

  • Al Haramain Portfolio Neroli Canvas Perfume Spray - 75ml (Buy Now)

Portfolio Neroli Canvas Cologne by Al Haramain is enveloped with a citrus dream when you experience the fragrance. The top notes of bergamot and lemon spark the senses with a zesty aroma. Middle notes of neroli and orange blossom add another dimension to this already bright fragrance. Notes of petitgrain inject a hint of floral. Base notes of amber, musk, and cedar add a woody accord. This 2018 cologne is the right choice for a daytime fragrance and can be used for daily usage.



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