The ones with the Classy Touch (Niche Perfume Series)

We at FridayCharm are making sure that we never compromise on the ingredients nor the perfume or its texture. We are constantly striving towards perfection making sure that everything we provide is classy, stylish, and full of essence. And that is why we have laid a variety of products in all categories including the niche perfume ones. So why go for these ones with the Classy touch? Because it’s a combination of enriching ingredients filled in the glass bottles to make sure they not only come from a superior but also possess a quality that enriches its look, feel and vibe. The Classy Touch series is the one our perfume-tasters have especially chosen for you and here they are -


 1. Clive Christian Water Lily Perfume ( Buy Now )

Clive Christian Water Lily Perfume What you call a woman is fierce, strong, bold and extraordinary are exactly the same qualities that this perfume emits. Belonging to the British house, this is absolutely a luxurious perfume that comes with its own delightful scent that is a floral chypre that nobody makes except this company. Inspired by fluid designs, an aquatic fragrance that is quite tender and adds a perfect dash of freshness. It has timeless beauty and charm and nothing ordinary like your normal perfumes. It has added flavours all stretched over a surprisingly animalic base of cashmere woods, sensual musk and woody papyrus along with patchouli that makes it super light and cool.


2. Amouage Lyric Eau de Parfum ( Buy Now )

Amouage Lyric Eau de Parfum A perfect warm, citrusy, rosy, lemony perfume that is absolutely the best! It is more like a soapy fragrance that brings back the aura, taste of the woods. In dry down, the texture does give a talcum-like-feel that includes the taste of tender peach or apricot. It also includes the freshness of the lively bergamot in the top-notes middle notes including rose, angelica, orange blossom, galbanum. The warm texture is added in this perfume using spicy ginger, nutmeg and saffron that not only gives the shines but also emits a lively smell that could light up a room. Amouage will always make you speechless, giving you a next level charm.


3. Amouage Beach Hut Man ( Buy Now )

Amouage Beach Hut Man Now you can say that this is a brand we trust because it guarantees us to give the luxurious feel and vibes of a perfume. It is a woody aromatic fragrance, that is more inclined. towards green woody perfume experience. Launched in 2017, this perfume till date remains extra classy and loved. Our perfume experts believe that this perfume is extraordinary because it uses ingredients that are not quite famous and that is what it makes it unique. The wonderful fresh, bit grassy, slightly minty with just a hint of sweet, invigorating smell that leaves you enchanted. It has ingredients such as myrrh, patchouli, woody notes, vetiver, mint, orange and moss that adds extra touch.


4. Roja Sultanate of Oman ( Buy Now )

Roja Sultanate of Oman It is like a perfume that is like a flower bouquet that is super elegant and extravagant. The bouquet includes flowers like rose, jasmine, and violet further sweetened by fruity raspberry made using a lively blend of cardamom, elemi, and saffron warmed by gurjum, papyrus, cedarwood, that is sublimated by a soft, powdery base, of carrot seed and orris with a special whispers of the sensual musk. It is an unisexual pefume that enlightness the environments and charms you into an aura of purity and perfection. The special frankincense with a dry oud leather, wafting lemony, piney, balsamic, resinous and woody. The end result feels like an old-school perfume but with sheer sweetness.


5. Acqua Di Parma Essenza Di Colonia (Buy Now)

Acqua Di Parma Essenza Di Colonia It is a warm, citrusy and wood scent that includes white florals that makes it super fresh along with woody spiciness. The most prominent notes are grapefruit, petitgrain, clove neroli, rosemary and other such ingredients the combination of which can influence your charisma. It is such a classy perfume which is unisex but also children can wear it. A lasting hint of amber and musk finish off this beautifully balanced perfume that adds the real essence to the scent. The essence of the perfume is due to orange, mandarin, lily of the valley and citrus bergamot The sophisticated woody notes adds a touch of sober elegance that is light and intriguing for everyday.


6. Amouage Opus X ( Buy Now )

Amouage Opus X A brand we have blindly trust will surely give you extraordinary vibes and next level feels. Part of the 'Library' collection inspired by the Red Mendelssohn Stradivarius that inspired the film "The Red Villain" has some amazing notes of rose, centifolia, bloody rose accord, rosebud, rose oxide. So what we could call this perfume is a total mixture of all the roses that is quite innovative with daring blends of aromas that makes it a timeless perfume drenched in opulence. This perfume demonstrates the craftsmanship that goes into each and every classic bottle that this brand makes. It is an oriential fragrance with metallic taste, that is fresh spicy and full of florals that'll leave you in awe.

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