Loved By Our Customers - The Best Selling Collection (Niche Perfume Series)

Loved By Our Customers - The Best Selling Collection (Niche Perfume Series)

When it comes to our customers, we truly treat them as kings because their wish is our command. At FridayCharm, we believe that if customers keep on buying a product several times, it means they actually like it and we thus provide them with more options to pick the best of all. And now we have got you the best selling collection of the niche perfume series and that is because it's not we who are asking you to buy it but rather the consumers. Every step FridayCharm is trying to improve and provides its customers quintessential fragrances from around the world at your doorsteps. Believe us that we will give you nothing less than the best, therefore this collection will do the justice -


Roja Parfums Elysium

1. Roja Parfums Elysium ( Buy Now )

 Roja Parfums Elysium It is an aromatic fougere fragrance that is especially designed for men. It is created in the truest and purest work that helps a man reach his elysium, that is paradise. It is drawn from the Greek legend, the Elysian fields are the eternal reward of the heroic and virtuous and heavenly with each ingredient within this scent emulating this rare strength of character and purity. An ultra fresh blend of energetic citrusy lemon, bergamot, grapefruit, lime, jasmine, rose, apple, pink pepper, cypriol oil along with juniper, cedarwood, vanilla benzoin and leather like labdanum, ambergris, musk that reinforces the top. It also has a hint of herbaceous green tones paired with spicy woods balancing striking liveliness with rich masculine sophistication.


2. Flamenco Ramon Monegal ( Buy Now )

 Flamenco - known for its art that secrets emotional intensity is an oriental fragrance that comes from something rooted with true originality in the cultural regions, flamenco. Ramon Monegal has thus taken this art, transforming into a spicy, woody, sweet and something that goes with every outfit that you wear. It is made up of a fan of orange blossom petals, raspberry, interwoven with cedar and sandalwood under the spell of alhambra transcends in perfume salty tears like the southern dew. The extra goodness is due to the voluptuous nectar of saffron stamens amber and musk. The passion of the red rose and irresistible sensuality that possess an amazing authenticity. Therefore when you go buy one, you don’t have to think twice!


Imitation For Men by Amouage

3. Imitation For Men by Amouage ( Buy Now )

 Imitation For Men by Amouage It is a new balance of perfect aromas that is made using amazing ingredients that totally makes this perfume outstanding. It is an olfactive imitation of New York’s subculture in the 1970s chypre and leather fragrance represents an era of audacious freedom. Blended with highest quality or rare and luxurious ingredients sourced from around the world will give you a vibe you’ve never imagined before. The scent features tones of cedar, black pepper, heart notes of turkish rose and violet met with the warmth of leather, patchouli and myrrh. The lavishly sensual base notes a balance of vetiver and orris, along with castoreum. This perfume teleports you to the 80s but with the elements of modernity If you need long lasting results, then this perfume is the answer.


The House of Oud - Almond Harmony

4. The House of Oud - Almond Harmony ( Buy Now )

 The House of Oud - Almond Harmony Coming from a new spring collection, Almond Harmony is a perfect perfume that is loved by all. It is a floral oriental scent and colours that put everything in various shades. It is balsamic along with powdery, edgy texture that consists of almonds in its purest form and essential oils which is the reason behind the sweet and musky fragrance. The almond is the first to blossom indicating birth and resurrection. The sweetness of the fruit has a harmonious joy that brings shade of happiness, smell, momentum with a blend of freshness and goodness. It is like a blooming scene full of florals that blossoms as a sign of originality in the garden of opportunities. The House of Oud has special components that come from the Arabian world that mesmerizes the consumer.


Clive Christian X Neroli Limited Parum Edition

5. Clive Christian X Neroli Limited Parum Edition ( Buy Now )

 Clive Christian X Neroli Limited Parum Edition It is an absolutely fresh, exhilarating, filled with amazing aroma kind of perfume. This perfume that belongs to the most loved collection of Clive Christain that has floral chypre traveling of green florals to musky sweet depths. It is inspired by orange blossom refreshed with fragrant blossom from a flowering mandarin tree with the verdant fruit intertwined around neroli flowers - an ode to Queen Victoria. With a 20% concentration this neroli perfume will last for 8 hours on the skin for a truly immersive experience. Neroli features a blossoming flower of the bitter orange tree that unfurls around a green petigrain whilst a tuberose heart settles into a soft cashmere and musk base with a vetiver, and moss that fills the glass bottle with magic.


Jovoy Rose Millesimee

6. Jovoy Rose Millesimee ( Buy Now )

 Jovoy Rose Millesimee Powerful yet bold, sensual yet with an essence of greatness that secrets pure aroma with a hint of essential oils. Jovoy is the story of an enchanting renaissance that of a Parisian perfume house born in 1923 has a floral fragrance that touches your soul. To the Grasse region of the most treasure native flower from which we get the essence is exceptionally a true marvel. It consists of amber, vanilla, benzoin with a seductive powdery layer that has an added dash of spicy splendor. A perfect combination of vibrant spices, and a sweet crisp candied apple note that enhance the freshness of Centifolia. The beauty of Bulgarian rose along with musk at the base a complete new texture which is naturally luxurious and speaks for itsel

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